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Cancer/oncology massage

Find peace and strength

During your battle with cancer

Recharge during your battle

Turn to the cancer-specific treatment

Trust the soothing, stress-defeating cancer / oncology massage to help you find the energy to fight your illness. Our massage is specifically designed to address the needs and priorities of those fighting their disease, and Miriam Goldstein has been trained at Sloan Kettering to master the art of working with cancer patients.

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Trained by the best

You can trust the massage services of Miriam Goldstein if you suffer from cancer, because Miriam is studied specialty massage for the cancer patient at Sloan Kettering in New York City.


Our cancer / oncology massage is specifically crafted to your needs as a cancer patient. The rate is $90 for 60 minutes of massage.

Our cancer / oncology massage creates a safe, stress-free environment right here on Long Island. For more stress-beating tactics, ask about MELT.

Gain an ally in your fight


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