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Translating your needs into a healing experience

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Miriam Goldstein does not only provide calming healing experience, she also makes personal connection with her clients making her a reputable massage therapist in Long Island.


Holistic Mind and Body Practice

Disturbing life events and emotional stress can lead to a number of physical symptoms including headaches, skin diseases, back pain and more.  Eliminate stress and get a soothing treatment from a professional massage therapist.

Your Partner in Health

What massage is right for you?

Miriam Goldstein is a member of the American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA) and is a licensed massage therapist (LMT).  She conducts one-on-one sessions and small group forums. She shares her expertise through public speaking and teaching classes that boost the attendees mind and body awareness.

Miriam Goldstein gives expert assessment and treatment of specific injuries.

She creates personalized program that suits her clients.  Speak with her and feel more comfortable with your mind and body.

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M: What keeps you coming back for so many years?


C: Because when I go to my ENT Doctor it feel like he's

just looking at my sinuses. But whenever I come here, I know

I'm being heard and I'm being treated as a whole person...