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Neuromuscular therapy

Let your body heal

with neuromuscular therapy

Free your body's natural ability to heal

with neuromuscular therapy

Enhance the function of your joints and muscles and unlock the power of your body's self-healing techniques by investing in neuromuscular therapy from Miriam Goldstein, the licensed massage therapist that's a member of the American Massage Therapist Association (AMTA).

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Lean more about neuromuscular therapy

Pioneered in England in the 1930s by Dr. Stanley Lief, neuromuscular therapy focuses on releasing endorphins and aiding the body's natural healing processes.


If you suffer from pain and stress, reach out to us today and ask if neuromuscular therapy is right for you!

The holistic approach of neuromuscular therapy is a more natural route, because it emphasizes the body's ability to heal itself

Only $97 per 60 minute session


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