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freedom and peace of mind


Any chance I can see you this Saturday morning? I have been in spasm since Tuesday. My left side is a mess. My lower back spasm has moved into my hip and now my thigh muscle. I've been stretching and walking.  But I can't seem to get rid of this spasm.


Client one day after treatment:


Thank you.  I feel 90% better. I have been able to move more freely and have not taken painkillers at all since you worked your magic. Thanks again!

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R. G.


Miriam, Hello,


I am unable to keep the 1 hr slot you put aside for me. Had a great talk with my husband after I shed a few tears with you. Your talk was Empowering!

Keep me in your loop.


Thank You!

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Mary Wuestman




I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for the very effective massage therapy for my sciatic pain in my leg. I used anti-inflammatory drugs and ice first, but the condition didn't really improve until you were able to actually get to the root of the issue and work the muscle itself and the connecting ones to start the healing process. The problem alleviated itself much quicker than I would have thought after only a few sessions.


Again, thank you for your effectiveness.

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Bill B.


Good Morning Miriam,


Great to see you on Monday.

Spectacular, needed massage, thank you.

No pain or discomfort at all, the next day,

or today.



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